DKG Manhole Covers
About Us
About DKG Manhole Covers
Special Features of Our Products
  • The use of composites provides a lightweight, cost effective alternative to cast iron
  • The substantial reduction in weight is advantageous and provides cost savings both during installation and use
  • The use of composites ensures excellent resistance to corrosion and chemical attack
  • The use of non-conductive composites eliminates the need for grounding and guards against electrical shock
  • Bolt down systems are offered with a variety of materials to accommodate corrosive and chemical environments
  • A certified non-skid surface is provided
  • A UV protection barrier layer is provided
  • Products are H-20 and H-25 (traffic) load rated
  • Standard lettering or customized corporate identity and/or warning letters are offered
  • The “Adjust To Grade” accessory simplifies installation particularly on sloping ground
  • Only inexpensive tools are needed
  • Composites provide good heat insulation and reduce frost heaving
  • Damage from an explosion is reduced
Through Technology
  • Provide exact tolerance control
  • Incorporate greater complexity into a single part
  • Be extremely cost competitive
  • Maintain an environmentally responsible workplace
What We Provide
  • A comprehensive quality control system
  • Continual testing of our products to onfirm consistency
What We Manufacture
  • Lightweight, high strength to weight ratio composite
    manhole covers
  • Lightweight, high strength to weight ratio composite
    collars for manhole covers
  • Disposable forms and size adapters for poured in
    place concrete installations
  • Adjust to grade hardware