DKG Manhole Covers
Advantages of Composite Manhole Covers and Collars
Installation and Maintenance
  • Lightweight
  • Adjust to grade feature (sloping ground and height adjustment)
  • Eliminate road noise problems
  • Minimize frost heaving
  • Identification, notice or warning signage
  • Big, easy to use bolts
  • Simple inexpensive lift hook
  • Easy to attach wireless sensors
Frost Heaving
  • Heat from within steel covered manholes melts the surrounding frost and damage occurs as it refreezes
    and expands
  • Composite manhole cover units are good insulators and minimize frost heaving
  • Lightweight
  • Can be sealed - no pick holes required
Architectural & Neighborhood Improvements
Custom manhole cover top designs are an inexpensive way to enhance your architectural projects or neighbourhoods. We can work from a sketch or picture, any quantity with quick delivery.
Custom Top Design
Custom manhole cover top designs are an inexpensive way to add warnings, notices or identifying marks
Reduced Insurance Claims
  • Missing manhole covers causing personal injury
  • Back and other workplace injuries
  • Slip hazard injuries
  • Reduced damage from an explosion
Eliminate Missing Manhole Covers
  • Composite manhole covers do not contain materials that can be sold for scrap
  • Security bolts may be used to deny access