DKG Manhole Covers
Composite Manhole Covers and Collars - Overview
Service life
  • UV protected
  • Replaceable bolt-down nuts and bolts
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Demonstrated long service life
Cost Benefits
  • Covers and collars cost less than our competitors
  • No expensive tools required
  • Decreased costs associated with worker compensation and other insurance claims
  • Demonstrate due diligence with regard to missing covers mitigating liability
  • No galvanic corrosion with associated costs
No Stolen Covers
  • No resale value; cannot be sold for scrap.
  • Security bolts available - button-head, pentahead, McGard, etc.
Custom Features
  • Number and placement of bolts and vents
  • Lettering and signage, including company logo
  • Bolt and nut materials accommodates corrosive and chemical environments
  • Bolt head type addresses theft and security issues
  • Flange holes in composite collar for hold-down bolts or adjust to grade accessory
Lightweight Benefits
  • Improved worker safety due to lower weight
  • Reduced cost for installation
  • Eliminate hazard due to missing manhole covers
  • Standard/Custom warning lettering and/or logos
  • Certified non-skid pattern reduces number of slip hazard injuries
  • Non-conductive - pedestrian and worker safety

Composite Manhole Covers and Collars - Products